Maise Technology - Compliance Services

Compliance as a Service is a type of solution that uses cloud computing to help businesses store data and manage regulatory compliance. Though services vary depending on the industry, Compliance as a Service providers typically store sensitive data in accordance with regulations and provide tools for managing and reporting compliance in your organization.

Internal Audit

We help you manage audit plans and associated audits, and risk assessments, define audit objectives, and track all of your audit activities. Sharing a common platform and library of processes, objectives, risks, risk assessments, and controls, our integrated platform enables your Audit team to gain complete visibility across your IRM program

Operational Risk

We help you automate your enterprise and operational risk identification, measurement KRI reporting, mitigation, incident management, and loss tracking. Common risk frameworks supported include ISO 31000, COSO, and SOX. Real-time access to analytics and dashboards that bring a new perspective to the entire risk management lifecycle with a comprehensive view of your operational risk.

Compliance Risk

Compliance Risk solutions enable your organization to prevent, detect and respond to compliance risks, demonstrating a culture of compliance and better business performance. Whether managing regulatory obligations, policies, incidents, investigative cases, or third-party risk, our workflow and learning content capabilities deliver an integrated approach to managing compliance risks.

Digital Risk

Digital Risk measures enable your organization to manage and mitigate risks from cybersecurity threats, proactively manage your IT vendors and protect your organization’s data. We help you overcome common challenges around cybersecurity, data privacy, and digital risks with capabilities that reduce uncertainty around IT vendors, improve your cybersecurity risk posture, build data privacy trust with your customers, and maintain GDPR compliance.

Vendor Risk

We help organizations manage vendor risk by automating the profiling and onboarding process, chat-enabling the risk assessment process, and integrating vendor risk intelligence with content from partners.

Business Continuity

We help organizations design and build business continuity programs that enable them to remain resilient while recovering quickly and efficiently through any business outage. Business Continuity best practices and standards are built in, providing a blueprint for organizations to stage successful recoveries by bringing task automation, risk analytics, visualization tools, and dashboards into a real-time enterprise command center

Ethics & Compliance Learning

Ethics and Compliance Learning solutions are designed to build your culture, protect your reputation and create trust by empowering your employees to do the right thing when confronted with risk and ethical dilemmas. Our learning content, technology, and services help organizations modernize ethics and compliance training programs, promote ethical behavior about key risks on any device, and deliver interactive dashboards that highlight risk trends and issues beyond demonstrating program effectiveness

EHS Risk

Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) measures help organizations ensure compliance, better manage their EHS risks, and elevate their operational performance. Whether meeting compliance and sustainability objectives, helping to protect the environment, or keeping employees and contractors safe, our integrated capabilities can be used to turn your EHS program into a business advantage.