Maise Technology - Managed Microsoft 365 IT Services

Do you ever wonder how to maximize the usage of Microsoft 365? Do you want to take full advantage of what Microsoft 365 has to offer? The Microsoft 365 suite offers a large range of options and benefits that can help your business succeed. Some of the Microsoft 365 benefits include:

  • Automatic updates of software to ensure you are always using the latest version of the Microsoft 365 Office Suite and accompanying security fixes.

  • Clear communications for both in and out of office by leveraging email and calendars while also getting group chat, online meetings, and calling in Microsoft Teams.

  • Saving money and complexity with prebuilt tools and integrated software

  • AI-assisted and integrated software security

  • Access your files from anywhere with support for mobile phones, tables, laptops and computers.

Maise Technology Microsoft 365 IT Services

Microsoft 365 combines elements of a physical environment, cloud services, mobility, and security into a single cohesive business suite. To fully utilize your services, it is recommended you hire a managed service provider. Maise is that provider. We have all the resources you need to transform your business and ensure your success. 

 Maise offers IT Support, Security, Risk, and Compliance Services that will enable you to take full advantage of the Microsoft 365 Suite. With Maise, you can be assured that you have the professionals at hand to manage your Microsoft 365 services. With a dedicated in-house IT Service Support Desk and Security Desk ready to support you around the clock, you can rest confident that everything will run smoothly. 

What Other Benefits Come With Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, and more. With each successive increase in a Microsoft plan, more apps are available. The Microsoft 365 apps are your key to improved productivity and efficiency. 

Built-in anti-spam and anti-malware protect your data and scan inbound, outbound, and internal messages for malware. High availability and business continuity through mailbox replication in data centers across the United States and the World.

Reporting via the Microsoft 365 Admin Centers allows you to track a variety of information from message traffic, spam, malware detections, product usage, and more. Don’t be blind to your ecosystem! By using managed Microsoft 365 services, you will be able to maximize the potential of your business.